Out of hibernation…


“Time to get back to work…”


Hey everybody, welcome back!  The weather is warming up and the workshop is thawing out, so I’ll be back to woodworking soon.  Over the winter I’ve been taking care of a lot of house projects and automobile work… but spring is here and that means Faire season is not far behind!  This year I will be doing all three weekends of the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival, where I am helping out with the craft guild again as well as helping plan the new children’s area.  I’ll also be demonstrating at Yanda Log Cabin day in Glen Carbon IL this October.

At the June CMRF, I’m going to be having an “old stock” sale.  These are items that I’ve been carrying around for a while now and that I’d like to see go on to their next home.  This sale will be in person, first come first served only.  No online sales and no “holding”.  This isn’t something I’ve done before, but I need to make room for the new stock I will be having this year.  So, come out in June and check out the markdowns!

Look for more activity here and on my FB page as Faire draws closer.  Thanks!

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