2017 Year In Preview!


“I have seen into the future… I’m going to need more wood.”


So, I thought about doing a “year in review” for 2016 but realized that didn’t make much sense because it was all right there on the blog if you wanted to read about it.  Instead I’m going to do my first “year in preview” to talk about what to expect from Jason Sinco Woodworks in 2017.

More Events!


This year I am planning on doing five weekends of vending and demonstrations, a new high for me.  Starting with the Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks in April, two weekends of the expanded Central Missouri Renaissance Festival in June, an unconfirmed event in September (more on which later), and back to CMRF for their harvest festival in October.  This is ambitious on my part just because of the shop time involved in building stock for an event, so we’ll see at the end of the year if five weekends was too much for me.

Vardo 2017!


So I did get the vardo built even though I neglected to finish writing it up, somewhere between busy Fall and too lazy.  Short story on that though, the trailer I used was not up to the weight and I bent the tongue and cracked the frame.  So I’ll need to replace the trailer out from under the vardo which should make a fun and entertaining entry.  And I will get the build pictures and such up on the vardo 2016 page.  Eventually.

Special Historical Project!


I’ve undertaken to make a replica of St Edward’s Chair, the coronation chair of Great Britain, which has a fascinating history.  This is purely a project for my own joy and edification, and when finished it will be displayed at the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival in my shop for people to oggle at, sit on, and be educated by.

A Chance for a Permanent Shop!


I have the opportunity to build an actual shop building at Central Missouri this year, which is exciting to say the least.  This is a growing Faire that has just expanded to three weekends, so building makes sense.  The details are still being worked out, so more on that later.

So that’s the highlights of my upcoming year.  I’ve got lots of new design ideas and things I want to try out for product in 2017, so expect to see some of that here and at my events.  And as always, all the household projects and things that will crop up as I go along.  This will be interesting to take a look at come the end of 2017 and see how the year ended up.  Hopefully I’ll make a couple posts between now and then…

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