Jason Sinco Woodworks has a new home!


Well, it’s not perfect and I’m a couple of weeks behind schedule, but the new shop is up and running!  I’ve got a few boxes still to unpack, and one more workbench that needs to make its way out of the storage unit, but I’ve got it essentially set up the way I want and functional.


Here it is as I found it, just bulging with potential.  There were already two handyman style workbenches along the back wall, some cabinets up on the wall, some funky old pegboard that needs to go, and miles of shelves.  I had to throw a few tools in it and get to work on some house essentials before we could move in.  It also became the repository for all the debris that needed to go in the trash.  So First I had to make a trip to the dump.



Next, all of the shelving along the wall had to go to make room for my wood rack.  Most of it was repurposed for shelving in the basement.  I was very excited about the Port-A-Mate wood rack system I bought, but once I unboxed it and put it together I realized it wouldn’t hold a tenth of the wood I needed to store.  Then I looked at the pictures on the box and saw the obvious photo trickery they used to make their product look like something substantial instead of a cracker jack toy.  So those will be going back to the store, and I had to build my own wood rack after all.


Then moving day came before I was quite ready, and everything just got dumped inside.  I’ve been working it around like a slider puzzle for a week and a half to get things sorted out.  Yesterday I finally made sense of it all, set my tools out, swept the floor, and hung up my sign.  It’s a HUGE improvement over my shop in Springfield, both in size and layout.  And it has windows, how cool is that?  My first project was a cabinet for the kitchen, to go between the fridge and the stove.  I saved all the cabinet pieces and drawers that we took out, so it was a cinch to piece one back together.  But it was the perfect project to break in the new space and get me back in the saddle.  It feels so good to be working in my own space again, and a big thank you to my wife and all my family that helped along the way.

So I’ll leave you with a few photos of the new shop, and keep you posted as I make improvements and adjustments.  New lighting is on my short list, as well as getting rid of the last few things hanging around in there that don’t belong.  But I’ll have time for all that.  Hopefully I’ll be making furniture in this shop for many years to come.



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