Jason Sinco Woodworks 2015 Year in Review

Happy New Year to all my poor neglected followers out there!  Thanks for sticking with me through the move and all that.  Just thought I’d do a short round-up of the year that was in my woodworking life…


JSWW news crew

My woodworking year started out with getting ready for the Renaissance Festival of the Ozarks.  This was my second year there, but I went big this time and added a live demonstration which was a big hit.  We had a fun weekend with our friend and helper Helen, and met lots of great folks.  I even wound up on the news!  I also built a pergola for the Master Gardeners of Greene County Demonstration Garden at Nathaniel Greene Park.  That was a big undertaking and I definitely should have allowed myself more time for it.  But, thanks to the help of my wife I got it put up and there it sits today.


JSWW sweaty move

In June we made the decision to move from Springfield to Illinois to be closer to my family and explore some better job opportunities.  So I put the rush on to get all my custom orders finished and build stock for my fall event.  Moving took up a lot of our time over the summer so I didn’t get nearly as much done as I would have liked before I had to pack up the shop.  I also started the Guild of the Midnight Crafters, a sort of online support group for craftspeople.  I’ve made some great new friends through that as well.



Fall brought new challenges, as I had to get ready for the Central Missouri Renaissance Faire in a borrowed shop.  I also overhauled the canvas canopy and set up an outdoor work area which I really enjoyed.  The Faire was a lot of fun and I enjoyed the different setting.  After the Faire, we focused on house and job hunting, and I put my tools away for the year.



Here we are at the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one.  We found a house, with a detatched garage for my shop space, and are hoping to close next week so we can start moving in.  Then it will be a mad rush to get ready for RFO again in April.  Also, I’ve decided to tackle turning my small trailer into a Vardo-style camper.  Hoping to have at least the shell of it done for RFO so I can use it to haul all my stock.  Once I get that going, It’ll have its own page on the website.

So the great wheel turns and here we are again, in a new place but so many things stay the same.  I’m glad you all are with me at the end of another year, and here’s to 2016 being full of amazing possibilities!

-J. Sinco

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