Shop-less for the Holidays….


My workbenches turned plant stands, in storage and waiting…

So I find myself in an uncomfortable position.  Every year for the past few years, I have almost exclusively hand-made all my Christmas presents for friends and family, as well as usually picking up a couple commision jobs from people wanting something special for a loved one.  We are still house hunting, and though we’ve got an offer in on a house and have yet to hear back, there’s absolutely no way I could close on a house, move, and get my shop set up to work in time to do anything by Christmas.  This is usually a time of year where I am very busy with the projects that are my favorite, things made with love for the people most dear to me.

So I’m feeling the lack… I’ve got that uneasy feeling where you know you should be doing something but you can’t quite seem to remember what it was.  I’ve been relentlessly murdering time and looking forward to getting back in the shop as soon as I can, and absolutely NOT looking forward to doing Christmas shopping!

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