Gearing up for the Central Missouri Renaissance Festival


Getting ready for this Ren Faire has been an experience for sure.  So much to do, our stuff spread out over three houses and a storage unit, and new jobs and house hunting to do too.  I don’t recommend it.

Doing a Ren Faire, especially when you do a demonstration as well as vend, is a lot to tackle.  It’s like selling at a craft show, being in a play, teaching a class, and camping out all rolled into one.  There’s costumes (“Garb” for those in the know) to make, props to find, tools to sharpen and wood to prepare, as well as making stock to sell, upkeep on tents and equipment for displays, and all sorts of other tasks needing attention.


Something new, I found and printed off some historical documents (borrowed from Peter Follansbee and the St. Thomas Guild) to aid in the educational aspect of my demonstrations.  Court cases and Estate inventories, interesting but difficult reading.


Spruced up the demo tent and made some new front legs for it, to replace the canopy supports.  I really like it in red.  Here’s some of the new stuff I made for this weekend.

Looking forward to our holiday in the past, our little working vacation weekend getaway.  Hope you can join us!

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