Treasure From “Back East”


We recently made a trip to Virginia for a family matter, and while there I had a goal.  To hunt up some really great antique tools.  You see, in that part of the country the old tools are older and cheaper than they are here in the mid-central-south-west.  Out here, the tools that migrated westward mostly only date back to the mid 1800’s, and older tools are few and pricey.  But back east, where the country has been settled since the 1600’s, there is much more variety and the prices are better.

We hit a couple of antique malls while we were there, places I had been before and had success but no luck this time.  I had about lost hope, and then on the way back we stopped for lunch and there was an antique mall right off the exit.  “Time to get out and stretch our legs, don’t you think?” And good thing we did.  My nose (and stomach) must have led us there, because in this mall was a great booth full of old but usable and very reasonably priced tools.  On top of which, they were having a 30% off sale.  So I loaded up.  Molding planes, rabbet planes, moving fillister planes, and three T-handled augers that pre-date the spiral twist type that flooded the market after the industrial revolution.  Perfect accessories for my historical reenactments, since before the industrial revolution tools stayed pretty much the same for hundreds of years.  So, mission accomplished and I need a bigger tool chest.

I also brought back some funky germs and was sick for most of the week.

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