No really, I’m not a toymaker…

IMG_20130930_090121 IMG_20140405_145653IMG_20140806_164228Train 2

pictured above: $$$$$!

So, here’s some craft show economics.  Kid’s stuff sells.  There’s been more than one event we’ve done where toys are what cover our expenses for the weekend.  So I always fall into this trap: “Show coming up, I’d better make a big load of (insert toy) to sell to kids to help cover our costs.”  After show… “Well that sucked, all we sold was (insert toy)!  I’m trying to sell furniture!”  So, I realize I set myself up for this.  If I’m not trying to be a toymaker, I should quit making them, right?  But on the other hand, they constitute most of my sales at events.  So do I take a moral stand for myself as a furniture maker, eschew the easy dollars for the knowledge that I’m trying to stay true to what I want to become?  The answer, this time, is yes.  After lots of himing and hawing over it, I’ve decided to skip the batch of wooden swords on my to-do list for the Ren Faire.  I’d rather stick to what I’m trying to do with the furniture and not water down the market for others who do kid’s stuff exclusively and much better than I could.  I may regret it afterwards, but I feel like I need to plant my flag in furniture, and get out of the toy business.

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