Ye Olde Production Work…


So I’m finally getting started on products for the much talked about Renaissance Faire of the Ozarks.  First on my list is a batch of folding stools.  This is a really neat project and something kind of different than what I’ve done before.  There are several different historical examples and styles.  I sifted through them all and tried to come up with a design that was simple, spare, and elegant all at the same time.



Scupstoel “Men Shoveling Chairs” Flemish 1444-50. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Note the folding stool on the far left.

While I love making something once, making it six times begins to be a bit like work.  This is the only mass production item I have planned.  I’ve fallen into the trap before when gearing up for craft shows and such of just cranking out large batches of a few easy to make things (benches, chests, toolboxes etc.).  The result is I get burned out on making the same thing over and over, I have the illusion of a variety of items for sale but only really have multiples of three or four things, and I end up bringing home most of it, which I again have to trot out the next time which makes it look like I never make anything new.  So yeah, I’m actively trying to fight that urge.  So from here on out I’ll make things in ones and twos and really have a variety of goods.


We went antiquing for my birthday and I picked up some great old tools to add to my period woodworking kit.  I plan on running up to St. Louis for a woodworking show next weekend and hope to round out my list of needed tools there.  Anything I can’t find after that I’ll have to be making.  I’ve also volunteered to do some building out at the Master Gardeners of Greene County Demonstration Gardens.  So, lots to do before April and January’s almost over!


“Six Stacked Shape Shifting Stools”

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