What I did on my Fall Vacation…

Lots to catch up on!  First, there was the big 3-day Craft Show in Ozark, MO.  This is our second year doing it, and again my Mom joined us with some art prints and handmade beaded jewelry.  We had a great time!

10384916_10154658590920128_9017809778775408867_n    1966818_10154658592560128_683923440768730558_n


Then it was a week off of my day job to try and get some relaxation.  Did a lot of projects around the house.  Put up our old wooden frame market stall from the first craft show we did in my corner of the back yard.  Once it has a roof on, I plan to use it for my green woodworking projects.  Also got a load of firewood in.


Then it was off for two days camping.  We rented a lake hut at Twin Bridges State Park in Oklahoma.  It was great!  Since it was the middle of the week in the off season, we had the place to ourselves.  Spent a day in Grove, OK hitting some antique shops and had lunch at a great place called Chickenella’s.  Found some tools for the shop and my Living History woodworking project.

IMG_20141009_073619 IMG_20141009_121029 10313574_10154686303165128_7087520015591933991_n IMG_20141016_140645

Then it was back home to catch up some more chores and finish off some honey-do’s, one of which has been on my list for a year and a half!  For our wedding anniversary 2013 we made a collage together on a large piece of plywood.  It needed a frame so it could be hung up.  Well, it’s finally done and I have to say I wish I’d done it much sooner.  Also made a plant shelf for the plants that have been acquired over the summer and now need an indoor spot for the winter.

IMG_20141017_120746 IMG_20141017_120822

Oh, and a new sign for the shop.  This is really more for me than anyone else, a little reminder to myself that I’m working towards something.


Taking on some new things over the Fall and Winter to get ready for the Ren Faire next Spring.  Lots of woodworking to be done!

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