The Aumbry Completed


The completed Aumbry, set up in our hall.  I really like this furniture piece.  It would make a great bookcase, wine cabinet, linen cabinet for a bathroom or bedroom, all sorts of things.  I made it using the standard lumber measurements (9&1/4 and 11&1/4) to minimize the amount of time I would need to spend at the table saw.  The decorative cutouts were done with my largest forstner bit on the drill press.  Dados in the sides to hold the shelves, and everything else was nailed on.   Add some old kitchen cabinet hinges and a thumb latch and you’re done!  Super simple construction.  If it hadn’t been so hot, and if I’d have been more careful with my lumber selection, this could have easily been a one day project.  I might make another and write up a step-by-step for the projects section.  Anyway, an easy, fun, and unique piece of furniture.

IMG_20140905_163619  IMG_20140905_163525

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